Redevelopment of 51 Avenue

51 Avenue51 Avenue Redevelopment Project is now complete and the roadway is open to traffic. 

The following improvements on 51 Avenue (between 50 Street and 51 Street) have been completed this construction season:

  • Replacement of the temporary asphalt sidewalks with new permanent sidewalks (completed);
  • Redevelopment and design improvements to the municipal parking lot on the south side of 51 Avenue (completed);
  • The final layer of asphalt paving (completed);
  • Installation of pedestrian crossings and line painting. A temporary road closure will accommodate that work (completed);
  • Landscaping including new shrubs and trees (completed); and
  • Installation of benches and garbage containers (completed).

To view the virtual video tour of the improvements planned for 51 Avenue in downtown Ponoka, please click here.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for full details:

If you have any questions about the 51 Avenue Redevelopment Project, please view the Frequently Asked Questions below or submit an online service request.

The redevelopment of 51 Avenue was a priority project to improve the quality of life for the whole community for many years to come, as it is providing important physical improvements that will help revitalize the downtown. The project is also a critical capital project that promotes economic development in our community to attract new businesses, shoppers and visitors to Ponoka.

Improvements in 2022 included replacing aging infrastructure that has reached the end of its lifecycle (underground water, sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure) to help prevent future water main breaks and sanitary sewage issues for businesses along that roadway. 

The 51 Avenue Redevelopment Project aligns with Town Council’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and is based on recommendations in the Town’s Downtown Action Plan, Transportation Master Plan and Urban Framework Master Plan.

To view the virtual video tour of the improvements planned for 51 Avenue in downtown Ponoka, click here.

The 51 Avenue improvements are designed to create a more accessible and pedestrian-friendly environment.

The bulb-outs (curb extensions) are located on the north and south side of 51 Avenue at the intersections of 50 Street and 51 Street and at the mid-block pedestrian crossing. The bulb-outs are included in the design to:

  • Increase safety by:
    • Offering more pedestrian visibility and sightlines to motorists;
    • Slowing down turning vehicles; and 
    • Shortening the crossing distance from one side of the road to another for pedestrians.
  • Making downtown more accessible by offering curbs with rolled edges;
  • Providing space for a seating area (benches) along 51 Avenue; and
  • Offering an area for flowerbeds and landscaping to beautify the overall streetscape.

Regular updates on the 51 Avenue Redevelopment Project will be provided to 51 Avenue businesses and will be posted here on the Town of Ponoka website throughout construction.

Please see a list below of the project updates: 

Extensive underground and surface infrastructure improvements on 51 Avenue (between 50 and 51 Street) in 2022 included:

  • Excavation and replacement of water service connections, sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure;
  • New curb and gutter installation;
  • Reconstruction of the 51 Avenue road base, as well as a base layer of asphalt paving; 
  • Temporary paved sidewalks; and
  • New light pole assemblies.