Disputing Your Assessment Value

Couple looking at their property assessmentThe deadline to dispute your property's assessment value is July 31.

**Please note that if this date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a statutory holiday, then the date moves to the next business day. 

To view the assessment notice complaint date schedule please click here.

To Dispute Your Property's Assessment

Step 1: Contact the Assessor for the Town of Ponoka, to discuss your assessment.

Riley Kloss, AMAA
Wild Rose Assessment Services Inc.
Phone: 403-343-3357
Email: riley@wildroseassmt.com

If after a discussion with the assessor, you are still unsatisfied with your property's assessment value, you may appeal to the Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board.

The Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board (RARB) is an independent quasi-judicial board established by the authority of the Municipal Government Act, this board is responsible for making decisions regarding property assessment complaints.

Step 2: To appeal/file a complaint about your assessment, complete the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. If you are an agent completing this on behalf of your client, please make sure you also fill out the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form.

Pay the:

  • Residential assessment appeal fee of $50; or
  • Non-residential assessment appeal fee of $100.

Step 3: Email your completed form(s) and forward fee to the Town of Ponoka by no later than July 31.

Step 4: The Regional Assessment Review Board will contact you for a satisfactory date for an appeal hearing.

Step 5: The Regional Assessment Review Board Clerk will advise all parties of the appeal hearing location and date. 

To withdraw a complaint of your assessment:

If, after filing your appeal, you wish to withdraw, please complete the Assessment Complaint Withdrawal Form and email it to taxes@ponoka.ca and regionalarb@reddeer.ca

*** An assessment complaint is not an appeal for lower taxes or tax rates. Your property taxes are still due by July 31.

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