Council Appointed Boards and Committees

Group of business people conversingThe Town of Ponoka works closely with community members who voluntarily serve on Council advisory committees. Council Advisory Committees provide insight and recommendations to Council about civic matters in Ponoka.

Serving on a Council Advisory Committee is a great way to contribute to our community and help make Ponoka an even better place to live.

To learn more about the Council Advisory Committees, click on the collapsible sections below.

Community Enhancement Committee

This committee’s mandate includes:

  • Strengthening and increasing recreational opportunities for all residents of the community of Ponoka;
  • Acts as a liaison and advises Council on matters pertaining to the use of services, facilities, programs and special events;
  • Receive and review capital requests for new and existing recreational facilities;
  • Consider and recommend initiatives that will serve to enhance and support the Town’s strategic priorities for growth and economic health;
  • Consider ideas regarding the enhancement and redevelopment of downtown; and
  • Increase the identity and profile of downtown while maintaining the historical significance of Ponoka’s downtown.

To read Bylaw No. 455-21 which establishes the Community Enhancement Committee, click here.

Ponoka Jubilee Library Board

Council appoints community members to sit on the Ponoka Jubilee Library Board. The Library Board, subject to any enactment that limits its authority, has full management and control of the municipal library and shall, in accordance with the regulations, organize, promote and maintain comprehensive and efficient library services in the municipality and may cooperate with other boards and libraries in the provision of those services.

To read Bylaw No. 366-16 which establishes the Ponoka Jubilee Library Board, click here.

Ponoka Police Advisory Committee

This committee continues in its current role as a valuable resource to Council. 

This committee’s mandate includes:

  • Provide community feedback to the R.C.M.P. and Chief Administrative Officer concerning policing strategies and activities;  
  • Represent the interests and concerns of the public and Council to the Officer in Charge;
  • Provide advice and make recommendations to Council relating to policing matters; and 
  • Participate in the development of a yearly plan of priorities and strategies for municipal policing, to be submitted to Council.

To read Bylaw No. 455-21 which establishes the Police Advisory Committee, click here.

Priorities and Initiatives Committee

This committee will provide oversight and monitor the progress of the Council’s Strategic Plan. All members of Council sit on this committee. 

To read Bylaw No. 455-21 which establishes the Priorities and Initiatives Committee, click here