Town Bylaws

Bylaws are laws created by the Town. They are enforced by Bylaw Officers or Development Officers. Bylaws in Alberta are generally created under the authority of the Municipal Government Act.

The following are the most commonly requested bylaws. For general information on bylaws or to request a bylaw that is not here, please contact us. To search the Town of Ponoka Bylaws, please click here

The Administrative Rates & Fees Bylaw provides the rates and fees for the municipal services provided by the Town of Ponoka. 

The Animal Control Bylaw outlines the details for the licensing and controlling dogs and sets certain controls on cats within the Town. 

The Business License Bylaw outlines the details for the licensing and regulating of businesses operating in whole or in part within the Town.

The Cemetery Bylaw controls the operation of the Ponoka Municipal Cemetery. 

The Chief Administrative Officer's Bylaw defines the duties, powers, and functions of the CAO. 

The Commercial New Build Incentive Bylaw was created to encourage the development or revitalization of non-residential properties. 

The Community Standards Bylaw provides for the regulation of nuisances such as unsightly premises, noise, snow & ice on sidewalks, etc. 

The Council Code of Conduct Bylaw establishes a code of conduct for Town Council. 

The Council Committees Bylaw establishes terms of reference and general procedures for various Council Committees. 

The Council Procedures Bylaw sets the procedures for governing Council Meetings. 

The Emergency Management Bylaw outlines the Town's emergency management procedures, including the establishment of committees to declare local emergencies, develop emergency plans, and direct emergency response. 

The Fire Protection Bylaw outlines the details for the operation of a fire department and the protection of people and property. 

The Land Use Bylaw divides the Town into districts and controls the use and development of the land and buildings within the Town. 

The Manufactured Home Tax Bylaw authorizes the owner of a manufactured home community to be the assessed person responsible for taxes levied on manufactured homes located in a manufactured home community. 

The Ponoka Civic Centre Borrowing Bylaw authorizes the financing, undertaking and completion of the purchasing of the Ponoka Civic Centre Property. 

The amending bylaw for the Ponoka Civic Centre Property Purchase can be found here

The Property Tax Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw provides for the payment of property taxes and local improvement taxes in monthly instalments from January to December in any year.

The Property Tax Penalty Bylaw specifies a time for the payment of current taxes and imposes penalties for non-payment of current taxes and tax arrears. 

The 2024 Property Tax Rate Bylaw sets the property tax rates for the 2024 tax year. 

The Recreation Rates & Fees Bylaw sets rates and fees for municipal services provided by the Town. 

The Traffic Bylaw controls traffic within the Town. 

The Utility Rates Bylaw sets out the rates and charges for water, sewer and garbage/recycling collection.