Curbside Cart Placement

Green and grey carts at curbCitizens are reminded to please have green and grey carts at the curb for waste pick up by 7 a.m. on your designated collection day. To view your collection day, please visit the 2021 Waste Collection Calendar.

Please ensure that green and grey cart lids are closed and the wheels are against the curb with one metre (3 to 4 feet) of clearance around the carts. The clearance allows for the truck’s automated arm to safely pick up the carts and empty them.

Please place clear or blue transparent bags of recyclable materials at the curb but not on the roadway.

Residents are asked to retrieve grey and green carts from the curb after they have been emptied on your collection day. The carts are assigned to your specific address by serial number and must stay at this address even if you move.

Property owners can request an additional green and/or grey cart for $6.67 per month by calling the Town of Ponoka Office at 403-783-4431.

Scheduled Collection Days

The Town of Ponoka is divided into three pick up zones for curbside waste collection. Collection days are:

  • Wednesday for Zone 2, the area between Highways 2A and the Battle River;
  • Thursday for Zone 1, the area east of the Battle River (in Riverside area); and
  • Friday for Zone 3, the area west of Highway 2A (in Lucas Heights).

To view these Zones on a map, please visit the 2021 Waste Collection Calendar.

Missed Pickups

If your curbside waste, recycling or compost is not picked up on your designated collection day, please file an Online Service Request to report the missed pick up, or call the Town at (403) 783-0159 where Town staff can help fill out the form for you.