Pay Property Taxes

The Town offers a variety of ways to pay your utility bill, please click the options below for full details about each method of payment.  

Also known as the Monthly Tax Payment Plan. To sign up, please contact the Tax Clerk at 403-783-0127, or fill in an application form. Please visit the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) page for full details. 

To pay using online banking, go online and sign into your bank account and choose ‘Town of Ponoka Taxes’ as a bill ‘payee’. The ‘account number’ will be your roll number, which can be found at the top right hand side of your tax notice. 

Please note: If your account number is not accepted, you may have to add one or more zeroes to the beginning of your roll number to satisfy your bank’s requirements. 

You can bring your tax notice with you and make payment directly through your bank.

There is a drop box just inside the west doors at the Ponoka Civic Centre (5604 – 50 Street) available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. where residents can drop off their property tax payment using a cheque or bank draft. The drop box is unavailable on holidays when the Town Office is closed. 

You can use cash, debit, credit card (using Option Pay) or cheque when making payments at the Town Office on the second floor of the Ponoka Civic Centre (5604  50 Street).

If you choose to mail your property tax payment using a cheque or bank draft, please ensure the envelope is post marked by the due date to avoid late penalties. Please mail your payment to: 

              Town of Ponoka, 

              200 5604 50 St

              Ponoka AB T4J 1G5

Option Pay is a third-party service provider that processes online credit card payments. To use Option Pay for your property taxes, or for more information about Option Pay, please visit Credit Card Property Tax Payments Using Option Pay page, select ‘click here to pay your taxes with Option Pay’ and follow the directions below. 

Please note: Option Pay collects a processing fee on each transaction for use of service.

To pay your property taxes through Option Pay, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step One:

Scroll to the top of the Credit Card Property Tax Payments Using Option Pay page and click the button that says ‘Pay Your Property Taxes with Option Pay’ or get redirected to the Option Pay website here.

Step Two:

Enter your credit card information and the dollar value you wish to pay, including decimal places. The Option Pay fee will automatically calculate and be shown as the ‘Option Pay Load Fee’.

Step Three:

Where it says ‘Type’ please select ‘Property Tax’ as your type of payment from the drop-down menu. The ‘Roll Number’ box will appear, please enter your roll number as it is shown on your tax statement. The sample photo on the right shows where you can find your roll number on your property taxes, please click it to see a full-screen version.

Step Four:

Enter your phone number in the mandatory field so that the Town can contact you if there are any issues with your payment. If you want to receive a receipt for your transaction, please also input your email address and a copy will be sent to you. 

Step Five:   

Please read the ‘Authorization’ section and check the box if you understand and agree to the payment and fee. This section also acknowledges that Option Pay is a third-party service provider independent from the Town of Ponoka and that the Town does not receive the fee portion of your payment.