Ponoka Aquaplex

Location: 5315 46 Avenue

The Aquaplex features a 25-meter swimming pool, 12-foot diving tank, wading pool, hot tub and sauna. 

The swimming pool offers five swimming lanes, a volleyball net, a basketball hoop, and a mobility lift. The diving tank includes a rope, diving board and a 10-foot slide. 

The Aquaplex is the proud home to two swim clubs, the Ponoka Pool Sharks and Ponoka Gators.

We have a variety of swim options including lap swims, public swims, toonie swims, adult swims and parent and tot swim times. We also offer morning and evening water fitness classes.

For more information, please contact the Ponoka Aquaplex at 403-783-0131 or by email at recreation@ponoka.ca.

For information about programming schedules, rates and swimming lessons, please click on the links below: 

General AdmissionSingle Admission10 Use Pass
Infant (0-2)FreeFree
Preschool (3-5)$1.75$15.75
Child (6-7)$4.25$38.25
Youth (8-17)$5.25$47.25
Adult (18 - 59)$6.50$58.50
Senior (60+)$5.50$49.50
Family (up to four people)$15$135

Group Rates for Public Swims

  • 10 People: $35.25
  • 15 People: $52.75
  • 20 People: $70.50
  • 25 People: $88
  • 30 People: $105.50

***All prices include GST

Offers access to all water fitness classes, lane swimming, public swimming, the hot tub, sauna, the main pool, deep tank, wading pool and the corkscrew slide.

Aquaplex PassesChild (6-7)Youth (8-17)Adult (18-59)Senior (60+)Family (up to four people)
1 Month$38$50.50$63$47.25$104
3 Months$75.75$101$126$94.50$208
6 Months$113.50$151.25$189$141.75$312
1 Year$189$252$315$236.25$519.75

***All prices include GST
***AISH Discount for Aquaplex passes is 50 per cent off

To purchase a pass, please click here.

Offers access to all programming at the Ponoka Arena Complex and Ponoka Aquaplex. You can play racquetball, enjoy public skating, go swimming, take water fitness classes, enjoy drop-in badminton, basketball and much more.

Recreation PassesChild (5-7)Youth (8-17)Adult (18-59)Senior (60+)Family (up to four people)
1 Month$54.25$72.25$90.25$67.75$148.75
3 Months$108.25$144.25$180.25$135.25$297.50
6 Months$162.25$216.25$270.50$202.75$446
1 Year$270.50$360.50$450.50$338$743.50

***All prices include GST
***AISH Discount for Recreation Passes is 50 per cent off 

To purchase a pass, please click here.

Swimming lessons promote fitness and water safety while providing lifelong swimming skills. 

Summer 2024 Swimming Lessons

Citizens can register online by clicking here or at the front desk of the Ponoka Aquaplex or Arena Complex. 

Spring swimming lessons will begin in early April. 

Click on the links below to view swimming lessons programming:

Swim for Life® Programming

All swimming lessons and advanced programming at the Ponoka Aquaplex are delivered through the Swim for Life program through the Lifesaving Society.

To determine your child’s swim level in the Swim for Life program, parents and guardians are encouraged to review the transition chart here. Paper copies of the transition chart are also available at the Ponoka Aquaplex.

If you are still unsure of your child’s skill level, the Ponoka Aquaplex offers free swim assessments during public swims. To learn more, please contact the Ponoka Aquaplex at 403-783-0131 or by email at recreation@ponoka.ca.

Citizens can register online by clicking here or at the front desk at the Ponoka Aquaplex or Arena Complex.

Summer advanced programming will begin in early July.

Click on the link below to view the schedule:

Advanced programming courses offered at the Ponoka Aquaplex include:

  • Bronze Medallion and CPR-C;
  • Bronze Cross;
  • National Lifeguard;
  • Babysitting Course; and
  • Stay Safe Course.
Hourly Pool RentalPrivateYouth/Non-Profit OrganizationsNumber of Lifeguards
1-35 People$123.25$74.001
36-70 People$153.25$1042
71-105 People$183.25$1343
106-150 People $213.25$1644

***All prices include GST

Birthday Packages1 Hour of Pool and 1 Hour of Meeting Room TimeCost Per Hour for Additional Meeting Room
Pool and Meeting Room (Up to 35 People)$150$28

***All prices include GST

The Ponoka Aquaplex pool temperatures that are listed below are to accommodate a multitude of pool user groups with varying needs. The main pool and deep tank pool temperatures align with the provincial average of 82°F for public pools across the province.

Main Pool/Deep Tank
83°F  -  84°F

*Please note that the main pool temperatures are lowered a couple of days prior to and after swim meets, which occur in December and July.
Wading Pool

90°F - 92°F

Hot Tub

102°F - 104°F