Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Did you know that you can make your property safer and more secure simply by making some landscaping changes? It’s called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

CPTED is a set of design principles used to discourage crime and keep your property secure. CPTED principles anticipate how a potential offender thinks and creates an environment that helps prevent a crime from being committed on your property.

The Town of Ponoka's Community Peace Officer has been trained on CPTED principles and on how to deliver the program by the Edmonton Police Service Crime Prevention Unit. 

CPTED Principles Include:

Natural Surveillance

  • Privacy trees provide cover for criminal activity.
  • Landscape to create clear sightlines throughout your property. 
  • Use cameras and alarms to protect areas that are not visible or protected.

Territorial Reinforcement

  • Clearly defined boundaries establish ownership of your property.
  • Fences, landscaping and vegetation clearly define where public space ends and private property begins.


  • Regular care and maintenance shows pride of ownership.
  • Well maintained properties are less inviting for criminal activity.

Natural Access Control

  • Use gates, fences and hostile vegetation (plants with thorns) to deter access from unwanted visitors.
  • Clearly defined paths and driveways will direct welcomed visitors where you want them to go.
  • People wandering off intended pathways will look suspicious and attract attention.


  • Use bright LED motion sensor lights outside.
  • Make it easy for you and your neighbours to see suspicious people on your property.

If you would a free assessment of your property, please call the Town of Ponoka Community Peace Officer at 403-783-4431.