Information for Candidates

The information within this section provides a brief introduction of the requirements for running for office in the Town of Ponoka. Candidates are responsible for understanding all legislation concerning elections, including nomination, eligibility, campaining restrictions, campaign finance and disclosure, election offences and prohibitions at voting stations. 

Candidate's Information Package

The Candidate's Information Package provides prospective candidates with additional information about running for Ponoka Town Council.  

Additional Information and Resources

Town Policy, Guides and Tools

Bylaw No. 447-20 - Election Bylaw 

Bylaw No. 448-20 - Election Signage Bylaw

Nomination Information Package

Candidate's Information Package

COVID-19 Guidance for Canvassing and Campaigning


Election Forms

Form 4 - Nomination Form and Candidates Acceptance 

Form 5 - Candidate Financial Information 

Election Sign Acknowledgement Form

Form 16 - Statement of Scrutineer or Official Agent

Form 26 - Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement

Candidate's Scrutineer Appointment Form

Form 27 - Registration of a Third Party

Form 28 - Third Party Advertising Contribution Statement


Municipal Affairs Resources

Alberta Municipal Affairs Municipal Election Website

A Candidate's Guide: Running for Municipal Office in Alberta 


Local Authorities Election Act Implementation Fact Sheets

Accountability and Transparency Amendments

Campaign Finance and Contributuion Disclosure Amendments

Frequently Asked Questions

General Clarifying and Technical Amendments

Questions and Answers

Third Party Advertising Amendments 

Voter Accesibility Amendments


Other Resources 

Alberta Queen's Printer

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)

Local Authorities Election Act

Municipal Government Act