Residential Waste & Recycling Program

*2019 Residential Waste & Recycling Program*

Contrary to our previous notice, Residents will be issued new carts from the new contractor Can Pak Environmental Inc. before the January 1 starting date of their contract.

The former contractor, GFL, will be removing their carts at the end of their contract, December 31 2018.  Residents should also place the green carts out for retrieval by GFL at the same time as their grey carts on their regular pickup date.

Here is some important information about the new program:

Collection of household waste in grey carts plus the clear or blue transparent bags of recycling will be the same day bi-weekly.

The day of the week scheduled for Zone 2, between the Battle River and Highway 2A, has been changed from Monday to Wednesday.

The 2019 Collection Schedule calendar is not available at this time; it will be posted on this website as soon as possible.

The green cart can be used for both compostable household and yard waste; click on link for a list of compostable household waste “What goes IN and what stays OUT”.

Please call 403-783-8328 or 403-783-0159 if you have questions & keep checking with the Town for more information!

*Waste & Recycling Program with contractor GFL ends on the 31 of December 2018* 

The Town of Ponoka offers its utility customers a 3-stream, curbside, residential Waste & Recycling Program which includes:

  • a Grey cart for waste/garbage,
  • recycling is to be placed at the curb in blue or clear transparent bags,
  • a Green cart for yard waste e.g. grass clippings, twigs and small branches, other plant/compost material.

The grey cart for garbage is picked up every other week then the bags of recycle materials are picked up the opposite week; the green compost cart is collected every week from May 3 to October 29 in 2018.  The Town has been divided into three zones.  Each zone is scheduled for a different day of the week - click on schedules below for the calendar for 2018.

For full details about the Town’s Waste & Recycling Program, please click on the links below.

Paper copies are available at the Town office; the address is #200 5604 50 Street, Ponoka AB T4J 1G5

Items that are not accepted for the Town recycling program:

  • Glass - ceramic/clay pots, plate glass, chinaware/porcelain, regular & fluorescent light bulbs, windows, mirrors, pyrex items
  • Metals - gasoline/fuel containers, automotive oil containers, shock absorbers, all batteries
  • Plastic - biodegradable bags, plastics #3 - #7, styrofoam plastics (cups, plates, etc.), styrofoam egg cartons, plastic bags that don't have a recycle symbol, plastic food wrap, diapers, dishes and cutlery, gasoline containers and motor oil containers

Recycling Steps

  1. Rinse and remove labels from all cans.
  2. Cans may be flattened to make more room.
  3. Keep all items separate (e.g. don't place items in jars).
  4. Rinse, remove labels and caps and crush plastic containers.
  5. Flatten cardboard boxes and box board. Remove all waxed paper, cellophane and plastic handles. Keep dry.

Some of the items that are accepted at the Waste Transfer Station for the Town household hazardous waste program are:

  • pesticides and herbicides
  • aerosol paint cans, non-paint aerosol cans
  • paint, stain
  • household cleaners
  • call 403-783-8328 for more information about what is accepted

Electronics Recycling

Electronics can be recycled at Ponoka County’s Waste Transfer Station located south on Highway 2A, turn at Ponoka Chrysler on to 39 Avenue, go west ½ mile, it is on the south side of the road. They accept televisions, computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, cables, mice, speakers, laptops, notebook computers and printers for recycling. For more information on electronics recycling, please visit the Electronics Recycling Association's website.

For more information, please call the  Waste Transfer Station at 403-783-8328 Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.