Recreation/Culture Financial Sponsorship Program

The intent of the Recreation/Culture Financial Sponsorship program is to provide a small source of funds to assist in the expenses related to the hosting of or participating in events or competitions that will:

  1. Raise the profile or exposure of a sport or activity in our community
  2. Assist local participants to share and promote the many positive aspects of our community.
  3. Have a measurable economic impact on the community

Application Process 

Applicants are to provide a written request prior to the event and provide the following detailed information to assist administration in the decision making process:

  1. The mandate of the organization and date of society registration or incorporation.
  2. The number of members in the organization
  3. Nature of event
  4. Date and length of event
  5. Venue or facility being used
  6. The benefits of the event to the community and/or the organization
  7. Alternative sources of funding that have been sought
  8. A budget outlining the revenues and expenditures for the event and a statement of revenues and expenditures for the previous year in the case where it is an annual or reoccurring event
  9. The amount being requested.

Financial Sponsorship Program Application Form
Major Grant Program Application


Guidelines that may be considered in the determining of funding:

  1. Local individual or organizations with the majority of the membership residing in the Town of Ponoka
  2. Preference be given to youth oriented events
  3. It can be demonstrated that expenses related to the event are creating a burden to the group, organization or individual
  4. Any proceeds from the event must stay in the community
  5. Provincial hosting of events may be considered when organizers are prevented by association rules to levy a registration or tournament fee to help offset the costs
  6. The organization has a limited ability to raise funds by other means.
  7. Depending on the magnitude and available funds at the time of application, all or a portion of the request may be considered. Guideline will be up to $500.00/individual and up to $1000.00/team.

Funding and Reporting Requirements

Upon receipt of financial assistance the group or individual shall ensure that the Town of Ponoka is included in all promotion of the event.

Upon completion of the event the group or individual shall provide to the Town a report related to the success or challenges that they experienced as well as copies of all promotional items, programs, etc.

Organizations and individuals will be encouraged to submit suggestions for projects or services that they would be willing to undertake that would benefit the Town or community in exchange for the financial support given. Examples of projects that could be undertaken:

  • Volunteer as Community Ambassador at Visitor Information Centre
  • Community Clean-up through Park & Recreation or Public Works departments
  • Public speaking (sharing knowledge or report of experience gained)
  • Offer learning/teaching opportunities to other local youth.