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The Town of Ponoka has started a process to create a vision and plan for the lands in west Ponoka. The intent is to create an area structure plan that will provide direction on the Town’s expectations for future subdivision and development of the lands that make up the west side and west entrance into the community. This plan is intended to address:

  • Balancing future land uses with existing land uses;
  • Access to the lands and integration of proposed roadways within existing and future transportation routes;
  • Provision of municipal services and identification of key alignments and facilities;
  • Provision of community open spaces;
  • Preservation of natural features;
  • Likely phasing or order of development;
  • Overall density of development and form of development
  • Appearance of the area along Highway 53 as a major entranceway into the community; and
  • The depth of commercial and industrial lots and blocks to meet anticipated needs of contemporary commercial development trends and the needs of a variety of industrial activities.

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The project is being led by a steering committee comprised of Senior Town Administrative staff, supported by a team of community planning consultants. The steering committee will be responsible for providing background information to the consultant, reviewing draft materials and providing feedback, assisting with public engagement, and recommending a plan to Council.



The process began with the appointment of the steering committee and the collection of background information in the fall and early winter of 2017. The broad steps that will take place between January 2018 and September 2018 are:

  • Establish a Vision and Collect Ideas – this includes open houses to review the background information and provide input on what the future west Ponoka lands will look like.
  • Draft Concepts and Plans – building on the input received, ideas and directions that would advance the vision for West Ponoka.
  • Review of Concepts and Plan – proposed plan and concepts will be presented for public review.
  • Recommendations to Council – The Committee will present their recommended plan and concepts to Town Council.



There are several ways for you to participate in the Ponoka West Area Structure Plan process. Please take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Review the Background Report and other available materials,
  • Submit comments,
  • Attend future open house sessions.

As the project progresses new materials that are created will be posted to this webpage. Please check back often to review the material and find information about upcoming public engagement events.



On April 19, 2018 the Town of Ponoka hosted an Open House to present the Background Report to the public. This Open House was intended as a platform for the public to provide feedback on the Background Report and offer a Vision for the future of West Ponoka. 

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Tim Schmidt, Director of Planning & Development, Town of Ponoka
 Natasha Wright, Planner, Parkland Community Planning Services
Phone: 403-343-3394


We need your input!


The Town has created a preliminary Draft Public Participation Policy for discussion purposes only.  The intent of the policy is to provide greater clarity around how and when the Town will invite citizen participation in municipal decision-making processes.  This includes the types of circumstances or decisions on which the Town will engage citizens in decision-making processes and the types of approaches the Town will use to involve the public.

The Town engages citizens in a variety of ways to invite input on decision-making processes for a wide range of topics and issues.  Some of the types of public participation opportunities provided to citizens include:

  • Council Advisory Committees (Parks, Culture and Recreation Advisory Committee, Police Advisory Committee, Heritage and Downtown Revitalization Committee and more)
  • Coffee with Council events
  • Online and paper surveys
  • Open Houses
  • Public Hearings
  • The opportunity to address Council during the Public Forum at the start of every Council meeting and more.

To view the preliminary Draft Public Participation Policy, please CLICK HERE.


Citizen Survey and Comment Form


The Town values public participation in its decision-making processes because citizen input contributes to better decisions and policies to better serve the community. As we work toward establishing an approved Public Participation Policy, we are inviting citizens to review the Draft Policy and to answer some questions in online citizen Survey and Comment Form.

To complete the online Citizen Survey and Comment Form, please CLICK HERE.

Once we have gathered citizen input on the preliminary Draft Public Participation Policy, we will review and consider that input as we work toward finalizing an approved policy later this summer.  We will report back to citizens on the new policy once it is approved.  Thank you for your input.


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