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The Town of Ponoka reviewed its Waste & Recycling Program this spring to gauge citizen satisfaction with Ponoka's curbside program, and to explore and evaluate possible changes to the program for 2019.

Gathering public input is an important part of the Program Review process.  A citizen survey was circulated in April and May 2018, and a public Open House was held on May 10, 2018.

Based on the citizen input gathered and on research into the cost and potential benefits of various program design options, the Town is presenting proposed changes to Ponoka's 2019 Waste & Recycling curbside program for public review and document.

A second Open House was held July 18 to gather citizen input on the proposed changes to the program. If you missed the July Open House, don't worry! You can offer your input right here on the Town website!

Please take a few moments to review the information in the links below to learn more about the program review and the changes being proposed for Ponoka's curbside Waste Management & Recycling Program.

If you have questions, please call the Town Office at 403-783-4431.

Ponoka's Current Waste & Recycling Program - An Overview

Waste & Recycling Program Review Update

What changes is the Town proposing to the current Waste & Recycling curbside program?

Why is the Town proposing a full organic green cart compost program?

What items can be composted in a full organic green cart compost program?

What items are not compostable in a full organic green cart program?

RCA - Breakdown of Residential Waste

RCA - Effects of Waste

RCA - Waste Management Hierarchy

RCA - 3Rs Hierarchy


Other important information about the Town's current Waste Management & Recycling Program:

Program Review Timeline

What options were explored during the Program Review?

Survey Results

Accepted items for Recycling in Town of Ponoka Curbside Recycling Program

Why can't plastics with the recycling symbol #3 - #7 be placed at the curb for recycling?

Town of Ponoka Waste Transfer Station


To read the news release, please click here. 

To read the news release, please click here

To read the news release, please click here.