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Here is a list of Waste & Recycling Frequently Asked Questions based on questions from you over the past month! Thank you everyone for attending the Open House and for the lively and productive online discussion. We truly appreciate hearing from everyone and look forward to working together to make this a success. Please check back often as we will continue to add information to this FAQ with a version date on the last page.

The new Waste and Recycling Program starts on January 4, 2016. You received an information package in your cart when it was delivered. This information about the program, cart placement, items accepted for recycling, and collection zones and schedules, is also available at Town Hall and on the Town website. By working together, we know this program will increase Town-wide recycling efforts. We thank everyone who has already been recycling. It’s important to reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill for the environment, to save money, and to meet the government of Alberta’s targets for all municipalities.

We are proud that Ponoka is joining municipalities across Alberta and across Canada by modernizing our waste and recycling program. Over the first year, we hope everyone will work together to make it a success. We will continue to update and tweak this program over time and appreciate your ongoing feedback and questions.