Snow and Ice Control Update - March 11, 2019

Town of Ponoka winter operations crews continue to work hard today clearing the remainder of snow that fell late last week from priority routes (high-volume roads including emergency, school bus and connector routes), and from trails and sidewalks on Town-owned land and recreation areas the Town is responsible for.

Residential snow removal is expected to resume tomorrow March 12 in Riverside (Zone 4) and Lucas Heights (Zone 1) with temporary parking bans being implemented approximately 24 hours prior to snow removal operations beginning on each affected street.

Citizens are asked to please move parked cars from the roadway during these temporary parking bans to ensure more effective and efficient snow removal, which saves time and money on snow removal operations.

Citizens are also asked to please help keep catch basins near their property clear of snow and ice so that run-off can drain freely from the roadways in your neighbourhood.

To view Town of Ponoka Snow Removal Zones, the Town's Priority Routes map, the Snow Clearing Map for Sidewalks and Trails, as well as the Town’s Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy, please click the links below:

Snow Removal Zones

Prioriy Routes Map

Snow Clearing Map for Sidewalks and Trails

Town of Ponoka Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy