Process & Procedure for New Community Projects

The Town of Ponoka supports and encourages local initiatives with respect to the construction, upgrade and operation of community facilities owned by the Town of Ponoka.


  1.  Proposed project is presented to the Director of Community Services. 
  2. The Director of Community Services reviews the proposed project with the Chief Administrative Officer, who in turn consults with appropriate Town staff for their input and comments.
  3.  The proposed project is presented to Council for recommendation and/or approval.
  4.  A Task Force Committee may be established to review the following:
  5.  Site location;
    • Project design;
    • Need for project;
    • Future operating costs; and
    • Project financing.
  6. The Task Force shall consist of, but is not limited to, the Council recreation representatives, Director of Community Services and the Project Chairman. Project proposals involving the construction of new facilities or change to the use of facilities are subject to a public meeting.
  7. The Task Force presents the proposal to the Chief Administrative Officer for review and recommendation to Council.
  8. Council may approve the project or recommend changes for re-submission at a later date. Council must approve all projects prior to construction or purchase.
  9. The Chief Administrative Officer arranges for the preparation of necessary documents and agreements with commencement and completion dates of the project specified.
  10. The Director of Community Services ensures that all necessary building and development permits are obtained.
  11. The Chief Administrative Officer may waive any building and development permit fees.