Resources for Starting a Business

 There are many resources for entrepreneurs...

  • Business consultants can make the process of starting a business less overwhelming.  A consultant can help you with everything from a business plan, site selection, permits and even finding grants, hiring staff or executing marketing plans.
  • There are many FREE and nominally charged resources that businesses can access through various organizations and government funded initiatives. See the Business Resources and Seminars section for information on organizations that may be able to help as well as the Town Resource Library.
  • In this section you will also find information for Town of Ponoka Business Licenses and BizPaL. BizPaL provides simplified access to the information on governmental permits and licences that you need to establish and run your business.
  • For specific resources or connections contact the Towns Economic Development Office and schedule a meeting.
  • For information on how to get a business loan, please click here.


What do I do first?

Our Checklist for Starting a Business offers a great place to start!  The checklist offers action items to get you on the right track. Don't hesitate to contact the Town's Economic Development Office if you would like to discuss your business idea or require additional guidance.