Economic Development Board


To develop and promote an overall community economic development strategy, facilitate and support commercial, industrial and business development within the Ponoka community.


"The Ponoka Economic Development Board is a diverse team that collaborates, facilitates and liaises with the business community and relevant organizations to help grow a prosperous Ponoka region."

The Economic Development Board is an element of community driven economic development. The board, formed in 2004, consists of volunteers from the community including rural county representatives, the Town's Economic Development Officer and two Town Councillors. In 2011, an updated strategic planning process was undertaken and gave the board a refreshed direction. Under the renewed 2015-2017 strategy the board has taken responsibility for project specific working groups and recruited committee members from the community at large.

Past successes of the EDB have included: the Annual Downhill Derby, a feasibility proposal for expanding and improving Ponoka's industrial Airport, and a Recreational Needs Assessment, just to name a few.

Strategic Plan

The Economic Development Board endeavors to work towards community minded goals in a strategic priority sequencing. Please click below to see the most current Economic development Strategic Plan.

2018-2023 Economic Development Strategic Plan

Ongoing Programs 

Call-Out for Testimonials

We are looking to hear the stories of our local businesses. Why Ponoka? What about our community is good for your business or yourself as a business owner?

If you are interested in any of the above programs, becoming a member of the Ponoka Economic Development Board or in sitting in on a sub- committee please contact the Town's Economic Development Department.